Friday 28th June 2019: How my life has changed much further than a year ago

Since my last post my life has changed absolutely massively. My Christmas was lovely! Birthday was really good and the holiday was good! The teaching on my Birthday holiday was really good and really enjoyed myself! Then disaster broke on the last day. Was walking down a really steep hill with my kayak when suddenly my right foot slipped under me. Right leg went up in the air with my crushing weight went into the leg then fell down pretty violent and then my kayak slammed into my right leg as well. Knew that second no paddling today or Gala competition. Tried to push myself back up the hill to safety. Left leg couldn’t combined with my upper strength couldn’t do it effectively.

When my friend, whose a retired mental health nurse got to me, said what had happened even though I was sweating like a pig and containing the tears of my beautiful face inside. Because we didn’t have a phone between us, she found some walkers, phoned the outdoor centre who then alerted the instructor who was doing the shuttle.

He got back really quickly, they helped me to the top of the massive hill. Still not back at the minibus. We alerted the emergency services, took it up on myself to take of most of my kayaking equipment to investigate the injury, still was sweating like a pig, started taking of my helmet, elbow pads, buoyancy aid, dry suit. When I got those things of me, looked at my right leg and my skin was very white, feeling in excruciating pain.

The emergency services spoke to me, it was explained that I was a low priority to be picked up as I was speaking and talking whilst being in excruciating pain. My injury had happened by 10:30am or 11:30am. Instructor (friend) decided it wasn’t appropriate for us to stay where we are because the injury could get worse, he lifted me right up into the air and got me into the minibus.

After travelling all over the place both by the Outdoor centre and my parents. When I was travelling was using my upper strength to keep the injured leg up in the air as I knew that if I connected with the surface it would lock to it. Got to Oswestry hospital by about 17:30 or 18:30. Still none the wiser to what the problem was and still could stand on my non injured leg with my heavy injured leg up in the air. Obviously I’m quite a fit person and have a fair bit of flexibility obviously! The nurse explained to me that they couldn’t do X-Rays at this time of the evening because the hospital was about to close for the evening. He was concerned that I had compartment syndrome. Recommended that I go to Shrewsbury Hospital to get X-Rayed.

When we arrived at the Shrewsbury Hospital, still could stand on my non injured leg and hop a bit, Dad walked into the hospital to get a wheelchair. Was brought into the hospital by Dad and some nurses. Was interviewed by nurses and receptionists. Still none the wiser to what the problem was. This was well after 19:00. Quickly this fantastic Radiographer who was nowhere near close to my height came out to see me and took me to the X-Ray room. Got onto the X-Ray bed with immense difficulty and then was asked to lift up my injured leg to put the X-Ray plate under the injured leg. By this time my body was floppy all over the place, my hips were pulling me over, so had to really cuddle the bed whilst in excruciating pain.

X-Rays were taken promptly, then he asked “is their anything else that’s hurting?” My response “yes”. Mentioned the right side of my right knee was hurting.

Then got seen by some fantastic nurses, by which time my parent’s were back with me. This was when I was delivered the shattering news. You’re fractured your tibia and fibular. None the wiser where the bones were at this point and then one of the nurses said “he will require surgery”. My mind was completely devastated at this point and quite frightened.

They started putting on the plaster cast and warned me that it was going to be very painful whilst also having to use a breathing oxygen device. When this task started I then overheard conversations about my treatment plan which was shattering for me I couldn’t deal with both tasks at the same time. One of the nurses had to leave the room to explain that it wasn’t appropriate for the doctor/surgeon talking about my treatment plan as I couldn’t concentrate with the plaster cast getting put on.

When the plaster cast finally got on, explained that I have an unusual way in breathing as I do swimming and have swam ten kilometres! He said “that explains a few things!” Met the surgeon registrar, felt comfortable about the operation and signed the forms. Later on in the evening was taken from one ward to another ward. Had to pull myself over from one bed to the other as the room was very narrow, too narrow for the nurses and practice team to help me! Think I burst there guts with how flexible I was with this injury!
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How my life has changed a little this year

Back on POF and!

One of the first things I did this year was join a fantastic social swimming club which has both children and Adult masters that are part of this club!

In early swam 4.75 kilometres on the Thames with the club in my wetsuit! Everyone did it really well! Some were very tired after finishing it as a couple of them were speaking in the café about how tired they were. One of the more experienced open water swimmers did say “you have just swam a half marathon”! Half marathon swim distance is five kilometres and also five kilometres is three miles as well! 4.75 kilometres is 50 metres short of three miles!

In late June me and the family went to see our cousins in Sweden! It was a brilliant holiday! Everyday I swam in my

In July when people were worried about me doing the Long Course Weekend with the bike! One of my mates suggested I shouldn’t take part because of my leg injury which happened in May! Finally when I finished this such tough bike race of 112 miles on my Time trial was really impressed with myself as the last time I biked more than eighty miles was that very race back in 2014 when I was still working super part time! One of my supporters said “You’ve lost none of your will power”! Another comment he made “Going to do that takes real guts especially with a dodgy leg!” Another comment he made was “takes guts”!

Later on in July when I was keeping my open water swimming plans quiet! One lady said would you like to swim with us and I was a bit unsure as I didn’t want my swimming speed holding them back! Thanked her for inviting me! As soon as I got in the lake started swimming in my open water gear without wetsuit and got past the third lap and said I’m going to do another lap! When I finally finished swimming four laps which is four kilometres I was really proud of myself as the last time that I swam more than three kilometres without wetsuit was five years ago in the Thames which is a bit different to swimming in a lake or sea!

Had a week of in August and on that particular morning when the lake is open for swimming ridiculously early swam four kilometres that time and felt even more impressed with myself!

At the end of August on a work weekend went to the lake before I went to work! The first four laps were easy but when I entered the fifth lap especially in the last half kilometre my stomach was trying to pull me under water as the last time that I had eaten was about four and a half hours previously! When I finished the five kilometres without wetsuit was extremely proud of myself but noticed I should have eaten some carbs foods and other things when I was out there in the lake swimming!

Friday 15th June 2018

My week has been more exhausting than others so far this summer. Enjoyed my date but sadly not a reply for a dinner suggestion with me cooking. Unfortunately my dating fears haven’t been put to rest. Sadly had an anxiety attack before leaving the house. Think my anxiety attack had been brought on as a result of maybe eating too much food for breakfast. Bit unsure how to go about my relationship life as I try to conquer my fears but then don’t have much interest back. It’s because of that last sentence I’ve written that makes it harder for me to go on dates even if she says she wants to kiss me. Find the date harder than me and a gorgeous lady snogging! I admit it why I love tall ladies It’s because many of them to me look like fantastic built athletes! Just feel POF the site is stranger than the gorgeous inspiring ladies I’ve met and yet these people hardly ask my fears.

All a lady has to do on the meet

  1. Make me comfortable
  2. Make me feel welcome
  3. Make me laugh
  4. Would I trust the lady enough if they were advertising for a PA would I apply
  5. Would I find it easy to ask her for help if I needed it

If the answer is Yes to all those questions that’s a good sign that I want her to really ask me out

My BMF sessions this week went well!

Only went to one swimming session this week! Was trying to teach myself tumble turning whilst my swimming partner didn’t notice! Did speak to her about it afterwards and she said she does it by having both her arms forward in order to do the tommy sort. She said some do it with only one forward. She said the best way to learn is ask one of the instructors who used to be a professional swimmer! Quite trust this woman as she’s a similar height to me and same sort of athletic figure to me! When I used to be taught throwaway turns sometimes used to lose my normal swim stroke! Back then I was going to only one swim coached session a week!

These days I usually go to two coached swim sessions a week!

Sunday 10th June 2018: Dating and Sports

Yesterday went on my first date for the first time since January 2017! The lady was very nice and quite talkative which I liked! Atmosphere in the pub wasn’t as good!

Swimming has been particularly good this week! Nailed Blenheim Triathlon in one hour forty two minutes fifty nine seconds last weekend! Felt the race went particularly well considering with my dodgy right leg! The swim was the fastest I’d done inside a triathlon as I did 750m in twelve minutes thirty six seconds!

Moving back to the date matter would like to meet up with this person as she was nice welcoming, made me feel comfortable and laugh! If she was advertising for a Personal Assistant I would apply! These are the things I assess a lady on and if it’s yes to all those matters I’ve mentioned that’s a good sign!

Would like to be in a long term relationship but hey relationships linked in with my disability aren’t exactly a strong point compared to my sports!

Friday 4th May 2018: Sport and dating!

My sports at times this week I’ve found rather tiring most of the time! BMF went kind of well but found out wasn’t doing my press ups that well. Did try and say my feet were slipping and my triceps were hurting at times. My distance based swim session was rather tired at times! Still really enjoyed it!

My four stroke session went better though! Saw my backstroke inspiration who can do 100m in under one minute forty seconds!

Kayaking and committee meets went well! In terms of kayaking on the water that went much better than my other fitness based sessions!

Dating. I’ve booked to go to a dating social event. Find the event a bit odd as there over thirty attendees apparently but only less than twenty percent coming are female. Getting a bit more unsure if I should go to this event or not. Just want a lovely lady to ask me out and try to snog me! Beginning to wander do I want too much from a relationship or not!

Saturday 28th April 2018

This week has been quite eventful with different things I’ve been getting up to. Went kayaking as usual this week which I really enjoyed!

Went swimming three different days last week. Feel my freestyle is going well most of the time now. One of the sessions this week was swimming lots of different drills of 100m or 200 metres! By end of that session felt my back and shoulders were thinner than usual!

Have quite a few inspirations at this Masters club without naming them.

My time on POF has been going well some days this week. Thinking about going to a POF meet locally but am quite nervous as getting back could be an issue and it’s also on a day when I’m in that town at 5:30am! Second reason why I’m sceptical about this event is because it starts 21:00. My social problems increase after 20:00 because that’s when I’m tired. If I’m on a date I like the meet to finish in town around 21:30 as I’m always sceptical about getting back to mine even when a lady has expressed interest in me. Have no idea these days if I expect too much from a lady or not. If I want to know whether a lady is interested in me I never ask them because I feel that might reveal my disability or scare the lady of.

Today been having deep conversations with people on twitter about my sports and my well being.

My qualities are is that I have eye contact most of the time, more sociable, listen quite well most of the time, quite sports fit!